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Special Feature 12V Remote Receiver with 2 Nos Brown Remotes
Lock Type Electronic Lock
tòa tháp Dimensions Lx
40 x 30 x 10 Millimeters
Material Others

About this thành tích Its 12V Remote Receiver with 2 Remotes. Range approx .30 meters in xuất hiện area. You can connect EM Lock or Electronic Lock with this kit to operate the Lock through Remote. Lock or nguồn Supply is not included.


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NAVKAR SYSTEMS Universal Coil Compatible for ALBA, Ozone, HIKVISION, LINC Plus, SECUREYE, HAWKVISION Electronic Door Locks
Brand Special Feature Lock Type thành phầm Dimensions Lx
H Material Colour Finish Type Included Components Controller Type Shape tòa tháp Weight Control Method Manufacturer Country of Origin sản phẩm part number product Dimensions ASIN
‎12V Remote Receiver with 2 Nos Brown Remotes
‎Electronic Lock
‎40 x 30 x 10 Millimeters
‎12V remote kit only without any lock or nguồn supply
‎Electronic Lock
‎50 Grams
‎NS-Receiver with 2 remotes-fba
‎NS-Receiver with 2 remotes-fba
‎4 x 3 x 1 cm; 50 Grams

Manufacturer vật phẩm Weight nhà cửa Dimensions Lx
H Included Components Best Sellers Rank
NS-Receiver with 2 remotes-fba
50 g
40 x 30 x 10 Millimeters
12V remote kit only without any lock or power supply
#24,097 in home Improvement (See đứng top 100 in home Improvement) #161 in trang chủ Security Alarms

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UG LAND INDIA Electric Lock Solenoid Cabinet | Drawer Door Lock | 12V DC 1.1A Small Electric Lock Access Control System Mini Locks
Have a Look on Our Valuable đánh giá Given By Our Existing Clients Click for Google Review Remote Door Lock System

Safety và security is always one of the first priorities for people. Security is not only needed for our homes but also also for different offices, shops, banks and shopping malls. There are different types of locks to take care of the security of your homes và offices. However those have now become outdated. We have brought for you the all new remote door lock system with all the latest features. Whether it is your office, trang chủ or siêu thị this new & exciting door lock system will give full guarantee of your protection và security.

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Features of the latest remote control door lock


Auto door lock -

This amazing door lock system allows you to lớn lock your door automatically. It often happens that you forget to lock your door. This lock with its feature of automatic door lock with remote will remove all your worries at once. You can lock your door just by a click on your smartphone. It also provides the option of automatically locking your door after a fixed span of time, say 1 minute or 30 seconds. So the next time you forget khổng lồ lock your door you can just stay calm and relax.

Say goodbye lớn your key -

Many of us tend to thua trận our keys very often. This calls for a lot of trouble. You need khổng lồ spend a lot of time & energy lớn break the lock. The fact that the lock can actually be broken means that it doesn"t provide you the fullest safety. This all new electronic door lock with remote control doesn"t need you to lớn carry a key. So you don"t have to worry about misplacing your key. You just need lớn carry your điện thoại thông minh and remember a security password to open the door lock. This will also reduce the chances of theft và burglary by breaking your door lock. We have all type of biometric attendance machine with door lock system with face I"d



Gives you live information -

This electronic door lock system also does the work of a diligent watchman. It gives you all the live & real time updates about any activity near or on your door. So you will be updated if anyone is trying to lớn unlock your door. This will let you take the necessary steps on time.

24 hours remote access using smartphone-

No matter where you are, you can always access your door to lock or unlock it from anywhere on earth. This will save a lot of time. For example if you are getting late for work, you can just get out and then lock your door while you are in the car. All members of the family will not have to keep separate keys. When your kids return trang chủ from school , you can easily unlock the door sitting in your office. Thus this remote control door lock system gives you a better control over your home even from a distance. There is also no risk about other people seeing your password because it is saved on your điện thoại cảm ứng and you bởi not need to enter it every time you try to unlock your door.


Different access codes -

There might be many members in your family. You would obviously want all of them khổng lồ have access to lớn locking and unlocking your door. It is very difficult lớn have so many different keys for everyone. This remote control lock for main gate allows you to tóm tắt the access of your door with many people at once. So you can share the access for locking & unlocking your door khổng lồ all your members & your trusted friends & relatives who might visit your house in your absence due to lớn some reason. They will all have their own separate codes lớn access the door lock. When all of your family members will enjoy the same rights khổng lồ the door lock, this will make sure that there are no conflicts and quarrels in the family over the door lock. While using a traditional door lock, quarrels between family members are common because if one member always keeps the key, it causes a lot of inconvenience khổng lồ others. Forget about all those family quarrels with this new remote door entry system.

Now that we have seen all the amazing features of this door lock system,you will obviously wonder about the electronic door lock price. The price of these door locks varies depending on several factors lượt thích the type of door and the màn chơi of security or the technology used. The price can range between Rs 3000 to Rs 15000 on an average. You can look for the best prices and buy the one that suits you the most.


Where can you use them?

The remote controlled door locks for home can be used anywhere for security purposes. You can use them at home or shops. Companies can use these door locks for their offices. They can also be used in shopping malls & multiplexes. Even banks can use them for additional security. They will also work on al, kinds of doors. Nowadays you can even get a remote lock for glass door. Glass doors are very common in malls & shopping complexes. You can install this door lock system in glass doors to give you extra protection. In short, they can be used anywhere and with all types of doors.

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Moreover these doors are the best option for public places during the pandemic. Since many people touch the door knob, it becomes contaminated. In this situation, a remote door lock will ensure that the operator doesn"t have to touch the door while locking and unlocking it thereby taking care of their safety

If you are worried about the security of your home or maybe your siêu thị you should start using this remote lock for main gate & sleep in peace. This will boost the security of your trang chủ or cửa hàng and will take away all your unnecessary tensions and worries which affect your health badly. This lock will also allow you to have a better control over your home. So why are you waiting? Order the latest remote door lock now.

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