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Virtual Innovation Center

CIS Region



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Traditional Security Solution • Install PIR detector at the corner of fence for intrusion detection • Send intrusion alarm to alarm controller or FSU và send alarm out • Send intrusion alarm to lớn DSS platform in the control center
POE video clip Solution • IR network camera monitors the perimeter both day and night • e
POE is one of Dahua key technologies • For normal camera, it supports the clip and nguồn transmission less than 100m, & e
POE camera supports 800m transmission
Smart video clip Solution • Thermal camera supports perimeter surveillance both day & night • Thermal camera supports human body detection and intrusion alarm • Make linkage with PTZ camera
Substation Rooms • Door controller manages doors in the substation • open the door with cards • Make linkage with camera
Easy Maintenance for Smart power Grid • Easy Connect : Camera + PC + DSS Pro • Easy Test: All functons in one model • Professional for maintenance
Thermal temperature measurement is the most effective means for real-time, remote on-line detection of high-voltage equipment.
Temperature & humidity detector, water detector, smoke detector & others all connect khổng lồ this unit. It can connect khổng lồ the platform and can also be used by local device.
T và H Detection • Temperature và humidity detection & alarm • Make linkage with air conditioner

XAG M500 Remote Sensing Drone is designed for precision agriculture, with the capability lớn fly autonomously và capture high definition images with high-performance data processing. Partnering with XAG M500, you can better understand your farm to enable timely và effective actions.



Map precise

The XAG M500 can help build a digital maps of your farmlands, in which each plot và each crop has its own coordinate that allows precise operation of autonomous drones và robots.



Scout effortless

The XAG M500 can fly autonomously at high-frequency to lớn capture overall farmland images. Without getting their feet on the ground, farmers can master every change of their fields with ease và take timely measures.



Grow smart

By taking advantage of third-party AI software, the XAG M500 can help you gain insight into plant growth and identify crop abnormity. Decisions are made with science to lớn enable variable- rate spraying and fertilization.






Lõi thông minh cho Agrifuture


X 4 Pro, khối hệ thống Điều khiển Thông minh vày XAG tự phạt triển, được trang bị năng lực đa tác vụ để đưa về cho XAG M500 sức khỏe của chuyến bay hoàn toàn tự động ở độ chính xác cấp cm. Khâu hình ảnh theo thời hạn thực được cho phép tạo bạn dạng đồ ngay sau khoản thời gian hạ cánh.





Seeing the Unseen


Four switchable cameras can capture multi-dimensional data from field overview lớn crops growth status. Reveal hidden but valuable information lớn help manage your farm with lower operation cost.





XCam 20MP Pro

Gimbal Camera¹

20 MP 1" CMOS Sensor
Robust ISPGround Control Point-Free


Used for Orthophoto và Oblique Photography




Gimbal Camera²

26 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor0.4s Shooting Interval
Photos in Five Directions


Used for Orthophoto & Oblique Photography






XCam 20H Hybrid

Gimbal Camera³

Infrared và 20 MP 1" CMOS Sensor
Temperature Measurement at ±3℃ accuracy


Used for HD maps & Thermal Map




XCam 20M Multispectral

Gimbal Camera⁴

20 MP 1" CMOS Sensor & 4-Channel Multispectral Sensor
Automatic Sunlight Compensation


Real-time NDVI Video





Easy Control With One Screen


XAG SRC1 Smart Remote Controller, with its built-in touchscreen and XPilot APP, allows freely switch between autonomous flight & manual control. Multiple flight planning modes are available to meet your needs of various application scenarios. The 4G & Wi-Fi dual communication system support stable and long-range internet connection.



XPilot APP⁵

Easy flight planning

4G + Wi-Fi Dual Link

Stable signal và image transmission

5.5" 800 Lumens HD Touchscreen

Clear visual under strong light

4.5h Duration⁶

Suitable for longer task



Field Mapping

HD map



Oblique Photography

3D map



POI Cruising

Target areas scouting



Strip Mapping

River và roadway inspection



Mapping Your Farm into Precision Agriculture



Weeds Control Practices

The XAG M500 can be used for weed detection on crops, with the weed zone identified và located via the third-party AI software. Then a prescription map will be sent lớn the XAG agricultural drones for variable-rate spraying that can remove weeds with less pesticide use.


Fertilization Management

The XAG M500 can collect crop growth data & produce digital field maps lớn be analysed by the AI software. The AI prescription maps will be generated và guide the XAG agricultural drone to lớn spread fertilizers on where necessary. Improve yields with reduced fertilizers.



Cotton Boll Opening Control

The XAG M500 can create an HD cốt tông field map where the immature boll opening can be discovered & tagged. When receiving the labeled map, the XAG agricultural drones will conduct defoliation on target zones khổng lồ facilitate large-scale mechanical harvesting.



1. 2. 3. 4. Four cameras all featured: mechanical shutter max out at 1/2000s, 3-Axis gimbal, auto distortion correction, maximum 512 GB sd thẻ supported.

2.Equipped with this camera, the M500 can capture 5 images at different angles rapidly before next vertical shoot, which is almost 5 times faster than traditional oblique photography when

other parameters are the same.

5. Xml tệp tin is supported for different applications.

6. The specific performance may vary depending on the working environment, temperature, user habits, etc. Please use strictly in accordance with the official hàng hóa guidelines.

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