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The global benchmark for automation, smart homes, access control, security, và parking systems.

Smart homes have many advantages. First of all, systems with mạng internet of Things (Io
T) applications use automation and modern building techniques khổng lồ provide owners with a new cấp độ of control and access lớn information.

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New houses & buildings feature increasingly chất lượng elements, while the existing ones can be converted into smart homes, adding systems lượt thích smart heating và cooling and smart access. For either situation, the benefits are significant. In this regard, remote control represents a key feature when designing a new product, introducing further benefits and advantages for final users & installers.

The main focus of the kiến thiết process must be the end user"s different needs,such as the demands related lớn mobility problems for the elderly or the necessities of those who require smart management of home climate control systems. This customer centric approach isconstantly at the chip core of the design and innovation carried out by CAMEfor all the solutions dedicated to this sector.

Why vày people choose to build & purchase smart homes? Mainly because they look for comfort & convenience. These homes provide remote access lớn many systems, including heating control, video clip entry systems và numerous multimedia devices. Integrated & connected systems allow homeowners to interact with their house automation in any room or even when they are outside, thus making it easier lớn manage their preferences and communicate with others inside the house or visitors at the door.

Remote control: benefits for everyone

If homeowners are at work or away from the house, they can benefit from remote control over many devices featuring Io
T applications. For example, they can turn the lights on or off. Moreover, if the owners are waiting for the delivery of goods at home while they are at work, they can mở cửa the gate to lớn the courier lớn leave the package inside the property via remote control apps. Another key feature recently taking the lead is the thermostat remote control, which allows users khổng lồ manage the settings from a distance so that the house is at a comfortable temperature when returning home. Moreover, remote control functionalities allow people to lớn set specific schedules for automatic tasks, making it easier lớn manage everyday activities regularly. Another key benefit of this technology is the ability lớn quickly respond lớn emergencies, even when the homeowner is on holiday.


As for the installers, with the remote control systems associated with cloud technology,there are more advantages in terms of operation, configuration and assistance. The operations are easier thanks khổng lồ the ability lớn act remotely, which results in greater efficiency and timeliness of intervention when required.

These systems also help lớn increase safety. Depending on the situation, remote control of machines provides a better overview và allows a faster reaction time than usual, if necessary.

Last but not least, the remote control devices can be customised và configured as required, providing greater personalisation and unique comfort for homeowners. This also represents a plus for installers, who can provide their customers with improved usability và tailored solutions for every environment.

This also brings additional benefitsto offering a unique & exclusive service, which can guarantee maximum safety & comfort, even during the after-sales management process.


The advantages of CAME solutions for installers và homeowners

In a constantly evolving scenario, where domotic và Io
T systems are increasingly at the center of the smart trang chủ revolution, it is fundamental khổng lồ provide final users and installers with a set of high-performing & customisable systems lớn match the constantly evolving needs và demands for improvement.

Thanks to lớn the wide range of innovative solutions, CAME’s giải pháp công nghệ brings quality benefits to lớn both end-users và installers. Over the years, CAME has designed and improved its quality range of remote control solutions for smart homes; now, many of them are also compatible with Alexa, the virtual assistant technology developed by Amazon. From home automation systems to lớn audio and đoạn phim entry systems, connecting Alexa with your devices can help make your trang chủ smarter và more automated by simplifying your everyday routines.


Two objectives have always been essential for the company: providing a quality management experience for users và making the daily work of installers smarter. For this reason, it has developed the CAME Connect Cloud platform:a user-friendly platform designed for an optimal remote control experience for everyone.

CAME"s "vertical" approach through a phối of unique và customised Apps

At the center of CAME’s innovation path concerning remote control features, we can find a unique panel of dedicated Apps designed to shape a new experience for final users và installers, constantly developed with a human-centric approach to technology.

CAME “Automation App” is the ideal solution that allows you lớn manage the new range of automation for vehicular entrances or garage doors through the Cloud technology. Thanks to lớn the mạng internet connection, the automation becomes increasingly intelligent & starts lớn communicate: its goal is lớn make life easier, meeting different needs.

CAME “Automation
BT App” is a different but very performing solution: the công nghệ bluetooth gate remote connects lớn the app and allows you to lớn open the operator directly from your smartphone, using the bluetooth không dây connection & geolocation.

In terms of video clip entry systems, the CAME “Videoentry App” lets you manage any calls from your audio/video entry system directly on a điện thoại or tablet. With the Video
Entry App, you can receive a điện thoại tư vấn from the external unit or the building concierge và inter-communicate with other điện thoại devices or internal extensions connected to the system.

The new CAME “Thermo App” has been designed for ideal trang chủ climate control. This solution allows you to lớn manage the basic functionalities of the programmable thermostat easily & intuitively, thanks lớn its outstanding graphic interface.

Knowing the importance of simplifying everyday tasks & set-up process for installers, CAME “Set
Up App” represents one of the most cutting-edge solutions: this distinctive ứng dụng simplifies the installation & maintenance of a system.

The new CAME “Set
Up App” is used khổng lồ configure the operators, make diagnoses, manage remote controls, & much more, thanks lớn a simple and intuitive interface, directly from a smartphone, pc or tablet.

CAME"s "horizontal" approach for an integrated Smart Home. The QBE system: a device to control everything


To offer a360 degreesinterconnection solution capable of replicating & integrating many functions of the traditional approach to trang chủ automation, CAME has developed the QBE system. QBE is a quality device that allows you to control various automated systems inside or outside the house simply by using your smartphone. Shutters, curtains, gates, garage doors, thermostats, alarms, & much more: QBE is the practical solution that adapts immediately khổng lồ any need và is also fully compatible with Alexa.

Ideal for those looking for a complete and interconnected proposal for the whole house.

The perfect smart home controller exists — but you probably can’t buy it /

As much as I hate to lớn admit it, we need a universal remote control for our smart homes. The Ava Remote is as close as we’ve come. But it’s $1,300 và limited lớn pro installers; you can’t buy it off the shelf.

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By Jennifer Pattison Tuohy, a writer focused on the smart home, connected gadgets, and the Io
T. She has 20 years of experience, writing for The thủ đô new york Times, Wirecutter, & Wired (UK).

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I say “almost perfect,” because the Ava Remote costs $1,300, is only available through custom integrators, và doesn’t make a good AV remote because it has no physical buttons. And that’s a real shame, because those three things aside, it looks like they’ve absolutely nailed it.

The Ava is the first Google Certified remote control, which means it runs the Google Play store, and you can download any ứng dụng directly to the device. But unlike a phone, it’s not a personal device — so that embarrassing text message won’t pop up when you hand it lớn your mother-in-law.

It’s like a more advanced version of the Control4 Neeo remote (it was designed by the same person, Raphael Oberholzer). But the Neeo only works with Control4. The Ava can work with any ecosystem that has a compatible tiện ích in the Google Play store: Crestron, Roon, & other custom integrator apps, but also Google Home, Philips Hue, Lutron, Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music, just lớn name a few. (It’s not currently compatible with Control4).

It’s a genius idea because, while there’s lots of talk about the ambient smart trang chủ and the trang chủ that knows what you need & does it for you seamlessly, we are not there yet. The inescapable fact is today’s smart trang chủ has been designed to lớn be run from your phone. The manufacturer’s tiện ích is often the best interface khổng lồ control your lights, locks, or music, but no one wants khổng lồ control their trang chủ with their smartphone.

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been sitting on the couch, pulled out my phone lớn turn off the lights because I didn’t want khổng lồ use voice or get up và push a button, only khổng lồ be distracted by notifications and emerge 10 minutes later having totally forgotten what I was doing. Most people would like to leave their phones alone when they’re at home, và that’s almost impossible to vị in a smart home. 

As I’ve written before, the smart home needs simple, universal control devices that anyone in a household can use. These need to lớn be easily accessible, easily charged, & easy to use by everyone, from family members to visitors. 

Shoehorning an old smartphone or tablet into the role of a smart home remote control doesn’t work well

Voice is not always the solution; there are plenty of times you don’t want to have to điện thoại tư vấn out to lớn a speaker khổng lồ control your lights (not to mention plenty of times when it gets it wrong). Current smart displays lack decent user interfaces for smart trang chủ control because they’ve been designed to lớn be controlled by voice.

In-wall controllers such as the touchscreen Brilliant Control Panel & Orro smart switches go part way to solving the problem, but there’s still a need for a remote control that sits on the coffee table, nightstand, or kitchen counter and is just there for home or music control. 

Shoehorning a device like an old smartphone or tablet into the role of a smart home remote doesn’t work well as they’re designed as personal devices. Plus, they don’t last more than a day without needing to lớn be plugged in (or migrating into someone’s bedroom as a personal device).

The Ava addresses almost all of these issues. Made by a Swiss-American manufacturer focusing on audio streaming and home control, the device’s 2,200m
Ah battery should last up lớn six days on one charge. It has a USB-C-powered magnetic charging stand designed for one-handed use, and it can be locked to lớn one ứng dụng if you just want it to control just your Google trang chủ or your Philips Hue lights. (It works with the Google Play store, so it’s not going to lớn be an Apple home controller, but it does work for táo bị cắn Music.) 

It also has a built-in microphone và speaker for voice control with your voice assistant of choice, and to work as an intercom between rooms. There’s no lock screen lớn mess with; you just pick it up to lớn wake it up. With a quad-core, 2 GHz processor under the hood, it can handle running multiple apps smoothly, something your old repurposed điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh or tablet might not be able to keep up with.



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The one thing the Ava doesn’t have is physical buttons, which limits its use as a remote for complex AV setups. With the Logitech Harmony gone (Logitech discontinued it last year), there really isn’t a universal AV remote that also can control your smart home. Luxury smart home manufacturers such as Crestron, Control4, & Savant have remotes with tactile buttons designed lớn control your smart home and your AV set-up. I saw a few at the show, & largely, they look lượt thích the Harmony.

To be fair, CEO & co-founder Raphael Oberholzer tells me it’s really not designed for controlling your TV system. It’s a dedicated smart home remote. But if you have your AV system mix up with Crestron or Savant — which many Ava customers will, since it’s only available through custom installers — you can at least control your AV system with their respective app android apps. But without physical buttons, it’s just not the same.

There are some AV/Smart trang chủ solutions for the DIY smart trang chủ if you are all-in on one ecosystem — the táo TV và its slippery remote does an okay job, as long as your TV is always on & you trust Siri khổng lồ get all your voice commands correct. (Why táo doesn’t have a native home app on the táo khuyết TV is still a mystery). Amazon’s new Alexa Voice Remote Pro paired with a Fire TV Cube has some basic smart home functionality, with two dedicated buttons that trigger Alexa Routines. But neither apple nor Amazon (and definitely not Google) has nailed the “controlling my smart home on my TV” experience. 

As I’ve said, the smart trang chủ has been designed to lớn be controlled from a smartphone, & as such — while you can often control devices from different manufacturers through one phầm mềm — in many cases, the device’s dedicated app offers better controls và a more intuitive interface.

This is why Ava’s simple solution feels lượt thích it could really work. It's a vanilla remote that you put what you need lớn control your trang chủ onto, whether you are a Crestron integrator, someone who runs your whole trang chủ through Google Home, or if you just want a simple touchscreen interface to sit by your Sonos speaker, so you don't have to lớn pull out your phone every time you want khổng lồ create a playlist.

The Ava isn’t the simple solution for everyone — not at that price — but it’s a sign of what could be. That is a portable, touchscreen smart home controller for everyone in my smart home that is as powerful và as easy to use as a smartphone, but is definitely not my smartphone. It needs to lớn have long battery life and a price point under $200, so I can have one in each main room of the house. Và I want it to control my TV, as well as my sound system và smart home. Plus, it needs lớn look good sitting in its charging stand in my living room. Is that too much to lớn ask?

Correction, Monday, October 3rd, 6:30 PM: A previous version of this article said the Ava Remote works with Control4. There is not an authorized Control4 app that can be accessed via the AVA Remote.

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