Robotics software development platform
Full Flow
Botics Studio graphical programming language
Custom Ruby modules
Live project execution
Bundled thử nghiệm projects

What is Flow
Botics Studio?

Botics Studio
is a new robotics software development platform: it boasts the powerful Flow
Botics Studio graphical programming language, và includes many demo robotics projects lớn get you started. It can be used to lớn control just about any robotics platform, data acquisition board, motor controller, servo board, sound card, or webcam.

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Botics Studio includes hundreds of built-in components that allow you to lớn interface your PC khổng lồ many of the standard computer peripherals and, using the Flow
Botics Studio programing language, you can quickly create new components for new hardware. You can also easily create new projects with custom GUI screens, knobs, buttons, switches, etc. That will run live from within Flow
Botics Studio without needing lớn wait for compilation.

Using the Flow
Botics Studio programming language is as easy as dragging new components out of the library into the project"s schematic, & making green liên kết to connect one component"s output of another one"s input. Flow
Botics Studio even has tư vấn for writing custom modules in Ruby, a traditional procedural language.

Botics Studio thử nghiệm Projects

There is a growing collection of pre-made thử nghiệm projects for use with your robotics hardware: the demos range from GUIs for simple interface card và sensor — that give you access lớn real-time analogue & digital signals — to full-blown robotics control applications — that have visual representations of your robots that can be manipulated directly with the mouse. The project calculates the inverse kinematics and moves the robot immediately.

The projects also have a powerful pattern sequencer component that is used to build reusable patterns that allow you lớn program the gait of a walking robot within minutes or hours, instead of days or weeks.


Since the kiểm tra projects are given with the source code, they can be modified to tailor a specific purpose or parts can be extracted for use in new projects, & the new demos will be available through Flow
Botics updates.

Graphics in Flow
Botics Studio


The Flow
Botics Studio programming language includes a powerful graphics engine that allows you to make custom graphical objects by using standard bitmaps or by drawing your own shapes on the screen. Using this system, you can build entirely custom interfaces for your projects & integrate photographs, drawings, & graphs.

Video in Flow
Botics Studio

Using Flow
Botics Studio, you can record & playback video clip from your webcam and, using some of the đoạn phim processing modules, can vị motion detection, colour detection and facial recognition. The graphics engine you can even display live đoạn clip inside your project"s GUI.

Audio in Flow
Botics Studio

Botics Studio also has a powerful audio engine that allows you to record và playback sounds, và even generate some of your own. You can import WAV and MP3 files & process the audio using signal processing modules lượt thích EQ: you can even create your own synthesizer sounds using the built in oscillators & filters.

Interface to lớn the outside world

Botics Studio has a huge range of supported computer interfaces, from data acquisition boards, home automation, webcams, soundcards, networking, serial ports và USB devices. There are thousands of supported devices, including parts from Lynxmotion, Phidgets, Pololu, and Robot Electronics & also parts implementing standard Bluetooth, Xbee, Modbus, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, HID, RS232, RS485, CAN Bus, SPI, I2C, X10, DMX512, and other popular protocols.



Hobby Robotics

Use Flow
Botics Studio to control your hobby robotics, using the pre-made test projects for many of the Lynxmotion kits or build your own projects just for fun.

STEM Education

Botics Studio is the perfect tool for education. It is simple enough that it can be used by children from secondary and high school, but also powerful enough lớn be used by university students for undergraduate and graduate studies. The rapid development capabilities of the software mean that you can achieve much more in a short lesson than you could with traditional programming tools.


Science: Use Flow
Botics Studio to lớn create applications for science experiments, test và measurement, data logging, graphs, saving files to disk and more.

Technology: Flow
Botics Studio can be the heart of your design for things lượt thích home automation, A/V recording, đoạn clip processing, audio processing, & more.

Engineering: Use Flow
Botics Studio khổng lồ create mechatronic engineering systems including control systems, SCADA (supervisory control và data acquisition), human-machine interface, and autonomous robot systems.

Math: Use Flow
Botics Studio to lớn teach mathematics, from binary numbers và boolean algebra to trigonometry functions và graphs.

Data Acquisition


Want an easy way khổng lồ capture data from the outside world? The Flow
Botics Studio language has built in tư vấn for many popular data acquisition devices: for example, you can use a Phidgets Sensor Interface Kit 8/8/8 lớn sample analog và digital signals.


The serial port communication in Flow
Botics Studio allows you to lớn connect to lớn a wide range of low-cost robots. You can use Inverse Kinematics (IK) và Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) modules to lớn manage movement and create impressive interactive user interfaces to lớn control your robot live.


Digital Signal Processing

By connecting to lớn external analog I/O devices, you can stream high data rate signals directly into Flow
Botics Studio. The Stream data components và DSP code component can then be used khổng lồ create complex signal processing, and all this happens in real time.

You can even tweak your algorithms và user interface live - while your data continues to stream. This makes the development process extremely quick as you see the effects straight away.

Image Processing


The Flow
Botics Studio language has many đoạn clip functions built in. You can easily connect lớn external webcams, record clip to disk và perform complex tasks lượt thích motion, colour and face detection with ease.

Home Automation and Security

Using the X10 home automation system, you can create a completely customized trang chủ automation or alarm system.

Using passive infrared sensors, check for motion & trigger lights & cameras. Use Flow
Board and the GSM module khổng lồ send SMS alerts back khổng lồ you if key events occur. Switch on & off appliances or lighting.


Botics Studio is even used in industry for creating complex applications from test and measurement, SCADA, data logging, machine control and even UAVs.

Shop app Store


The Software và APPs is the new location to find and sell projects & modules made in Flow
Botics Studio.

Developers can build robot applications with Flow
Botics Studio và then showroom them khổng lồ the Robot
Shop tiện ích Store khổng lồ be able to sell them khổng lồ other robot owners và make money. For example, here is the new SSC-32 Servo Sequencer Utility made with Flow
Botics Studio.

the study and use of robots (= machines that can perform complicated actions automatically) that are controlled from a distance:
In telerobotics, virtual reality is being used khổng lồ allow human intervention in environments that are too dangerous for actual human presence.

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