We"re not yet at the point where one device can rule over everything, but we"re getting awfully close — especially when it comes khổng lồ controlling your TV phối as well as other smart devices. A multitude of apps can turn your game android phone into a remote control for your TV, PC, truyền thông media center and a variety of smart appliances.

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We"ve searched through the Google Play store lớn find the best android remote apps available. Kiểm tra out this collection of apps for the couch potato in you.

Android TV Remote Control

(Image credit: Google)

The apk TV Remote Control serves as a generic universal remote for game android TVs, providing basic D-Pad, touchpad & gamepad controls for navigating your app android TV"s interface. The ứng dụng also includes tư vấn for voice controls, as well as the use of your phone or tablet"s virtual keyboard to input text. The ứng dụng connects khổng lồ your app android TV through your local network or via Bluetooth.

(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon"s Fire TV set đứng đầu box is a pretty neat clip streaming device, especially if you"re running with a Prime account. While the Fire TV box already comes with a Wi
Fi-capable remote, you can take things to lớn the next cấp độ with the Amazon Fire TV Remote app, which copies the functions of the handheld remote, turning your touchscreen into a navigation pane, complete with playback controls, a virtual keyboard, và voice command support.

(Image credit: Yonomi)

The Yonomi phầm mềm works lượt thích an all-in-one automation hub ứng dụng for smart homes và appliances, using a system of triggered Routines to automate và control more than a 100 different devices from a variety of manufacturers.

As an agnostic platform that can work with a variety of systems and automatic device discovery through Wi-Fi gives Yonomi a solid draw, and the addition of recommended recipes for specific devices makes things a bit more user friendly to lớn set up. You can even phối up Yonomi khổng lồ work with Google home and Amazon Alexa, triggering Yonomi’s routines from the popular smart speakers.

Download Yonomi: Android

Mi Remote

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

You don"t need a xiaomi phone to lớn take advantage of the mày Remote tiện ích — which is good since mi phones aren"t on sale in the US. But mi Remote will work with almost any phone with a built-in IR blaster, whether you"re packing a Samsung, HTC, or Huawei device.

Mi Remote is a multi-purpose IR remote app, compatible with a wide variety of IR-controlled devices, such as TVs, air conditioners, set top boxes, DVRs, projectors, và digital cameras. You can even use the app as a remote control for smart TVs that accept commands over standard Wi-Fi protocols. You can also expand the tiện ích with the Peel mi Remote extension, which adds a TV guide and personalized show recommendations to lớn the bộ vi xử lý core Mi Remote experience.

Download mi Remote: Android

Google Home

(Image credit: Google)

With Google releasing an increasing number of smart trang chủ devices such as the Google home and Chromecast devices, the old Google Cast app has been rebranded as Google Home.

While the name & the coat of paint may have changed, Google trang chủ still does the job as the all-in-one command center for your Chromecast and other Google devices, while also supporting an expanded range of smart appliances such as lights, cameras, & thermostats.

Google trang chủ showcases a wide range of Cast-enabled apps, featuring content from these apps & allowing you to do things lượt thích use the app to open up & stream a new episode from a Netflix series. The device control tab handles everything from dimming the lights to controlling speaker volume, and you can even phối automated routines khổng lồ trigger with a single button press.

Download Google Home: Android

Amazon Alexa

(Image credit: Amazon)

Of course, Google is far from the only player in the smart trang chủ hub and trang chủ automation game. Amazon"s Echo smart speaker also functions as an internet-enabled smart trang chủ hub, and the Alexa tiện ích turns your phone into a thiết đặt guide & remote control for your Alexa-enabled devices.

Among the many different Alexa skills, the Alexa app can show you what music is playing and information you’ve searched for. You can let the tiện ích manage your alarms, searches, music playback, shopping lists & more, making Alexa an increasingly capable smart assistant that learns from your shopping, surfing and media habits.

Download Alexa App: Android


(Image credit: Roku)

Roku"s streaming service on a stick provides a wide variety of shows, movies, & channels to lớn watch, & the Roku phầm mềm turns your smartphone phone into a Wi-Fi-driven remote control for the streaming stick. Users can browse for movies and TV shows, enter searches through a keyboard or through voice input, add channels và games, và even listen to streamed audio beamed straight to lớn the phone with Private listening. Of course, you"ll still need a Roku device, & certain nội dung may require premium subscriptions or purchases.

Download Roku: Android

Smart Things Mobile

(Image credit: Samsung)

Of course, TVs aren"t the only things that you can now control remotely from an app android phone. Samsung"s Smart Things Mobile phầm mềm serves as a centralized control phầm mềm for devices connected khổng lồ your Smart Things hub device, such as smart outlets, motion sensors, & more.

Users can configure the behavior of each device, monitor the status of things lượt thích whether a smart outlet is turned on or off or whether a door is closed or open. You also can schedule actions & configurations, & the Smart Things app can also connect with the Amazon"s Echo smart speakers, providing you with voice control for your connected devices & switches.


(Image credit: IFTTT)

IFTTT is a fantastic sản phẩm điện thoại task automation app, & it also makes a great addition khổng lồ smart appliances that take advantage of the mạng internet of Things. The tiện ích allows users to create customized "recipes" or tasks built around the structure "If this, then that" (from which the app takes its name).

IFTTT employs a wide variety of triggers & actions ranging from websites, apps, & even smart devices, appliances, and peripherals. You can even browse through other people"s trending and featured recipes, as well as themed collections và all-time favorites that you can install or modify. Using a variety of triggers, from GPS khổng lồ Wi-Fi connection, you can automatically turn smart appliances on or off at your return, or trigger tasks with a status message.

Download IFTTT: Android


(Image credit: Tolriq)

Kodi is a fantastic xuất hiện source truyền thông center for playing local and streaming truyền thông media on your HTPC và connected devices. While there is an official remote control app for Kodi (known as Kore), you can also get your hands on a feature-packed third-party remote app, Yatse, which adds on khổng lồ the basics like playback controls with features such as voice control, tư vấn for Plex và Emby servers, widget controls, and custom controls.

In-app purchases unlock extra features such as streaming truyền thông to & from your android device, cloud-saved settings, & more. With an app lượt thích Yatse, there"s little reason khổng lồ fidget around with a keyboard or mouse for your HTPC or Kodi box, just sit back, relax, và put on your favorite shows and streams.

Download Yatse: Android

Universal TV Remote Control

(Image credit: Code
Matics truyền thông media Solutions)

Universal TV Remote Control allows you lớn use your phone"s IR blaster lớn send commands lớn more than 300 different brands and models of TVs, as well as commands to smart TVs through Wi-Fi. The phầm mềm supports a wide variety of devices with traditional IR receivers, và the smart remote features don"t even require an IR blaster on your phone — just a Wi-Fi connection to lớn pair to your TV with.

Download Universal TV Remote Control: Android

ASmart Remote IR

(Image credit: NXRsoft)

NXRSoft"s ASmart Remote IR works with built-in IR blasters on Samsung and HTC phones khổng lồ send commands lớn a variety of appliances, from TVs and set-top boxes to air conditioners and DSLR cameras. The ứng dụng comes with a number of built-in remotes, with more being added, & you can organize your remotes into rooms for convenient sorting and use.

Download ASmart Remote IR: Android

ZA Universal TV Remote

(Image credit: Tiqiaa)

The Za
Za Universal TV Remote app uses the internal IR blaster of Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, HTC, Lenovo, Huawai và TCL phones lớn provide a universal remote ứng dụng that supports a wide variety of appliances. The tiện ích contains a searchable database of more than 300,000 appliances across 8,000 brands, which you can sort through by brand và model, covering everything from TVs & air conditioners khổng lồ smart light switches và DVD players.

Download Za
Za Remote:

Smart TV Remote

(Image credit: Adiroid)

Adiroid"s Smart TV Remote requires a bit more cài đặt than other remote control apps, but this IR/Wi-Fi remote tiện ích works with a wide variety of hardware & TVs, from your device"s internal IR blaster or an external IR device, as well as a W-i
Fi based controller for a number of older Samsung smart TVs.

Among the best features of the ứng dụng is its configurable interface, allowing you to easily create channel hotkeys & lay out the buttons as you wish. There"s also tư vấn for multiple devices so you can command your TV, set-top box, & stereo all from a single app.

Download Smart TV Remote: Android

Sure Universal Remote

(Image credit: Sure Universal)

Sure Universal Remote combines the best of IR and Wi-Fi remotes to create a truly universal remote that can handle old-school IR-controlled devices such as TVs and set đứng đầu boxes while also handling smart appliances and trang chủ automation systems through Wi-Fi.

The developers boast that the app supports almost 1 million appliances, và the tiện ích also allows users khổng lồ create "systems" of multiple appliances that can be controlled with a single tap, for easy one-button controls to, say, turn all your living room media devices on và off.

Download Sure Universal Remote: Android

Control4 for OS3

(Image credit: Control4)

Control4 offers up a range of solutions for smart trang chủ automation, with users able to lớn control smart appliances and connected utilities such as doors, heating, lights, multimedia systems and more through Control4’s OS3 trang chủ operating system. While Control4 has dedicated remote control slates & devices, you can also use the Control4 for OS3 tiện ích on your android phone to lớn access và command your connected devices và appliances.

Designed for improved customizability compared to previous Control4 OSes, users can personalize their interface and use the Favorites bar for fast access lớn frequently used devices or room controls. You also get a new active truyền thông bar for playback controls of truyền thông media that you’re playing or streaming.

Download Control4 for OS3: Android

Universal TV Remote

(Image credit: Wave

Wait, another app called Universal TV Remote. Yes, though this one used to lớn be known as IR Universal Remote. And it turns your IR blaster-equipped điện thoại cảm ứng into a universal remote for a variety of devices, such as TVs, set top boxes, DVD players và air conditioners.

The không lấy phí version of the app comes with a variety of pre-built remote control templates; you’re also able to lớn create a single custom remote control that you can save. Paying for the full version of the phầm mềm removes ads and unlocks the ability to create multiple custom remotes which you can share with other users.

Download Universal TV Remote: Android

Anymote Universal Remote

(Image credit: color Tiger)

If you"ve got an IR blaster mounted inside an older điện thoại cảm ứng such as the htc One, Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G3, try Anymote. This little app turns your blaster-equipped điện thoại cảm ứng into a universal remote for a wide variety of appliances, from TVs, set vị trí cao nhất boxes, DVD players or just about any device that accepts IR commands.

The app has a lot of cool features, such as the ability lớn create custom remotes that bring together commands from different devices into a single screen (for example, turning on your TV, DVD player and sound system on with a single tap) và the ability khổng lồ create custom macros. The phầm mềm can also function as a Wi-Fi remote for a variety of devices and apps, such as Sonos speakers, the Kodi truyền thông center, or VLC.

Anymote is a miễn phí download, though with an in-app purchase you can add unlimited remotes.

Download Anymote: Android

AIR Remote không tính phí for apple TV (Free)

(Image credit: Yelomo)

AIR Remote không lấy phí for táo apple TV turns your IR blaster-equipped game android device into a replacement for the táo TV remote, mirroring both the classic button controls & the swipe view, with tap controls mirroring those on the remote hardware.

AIR Remote miễn phí does require an IR blaster, with tư vấn for the older phones such as the LG G3 as well as a range of Samsung & HTC models. The phầm mềm is ad-supported, with a premium version removing advertisements.

Download AIR Remote không tính tiền for táo khuyết TV: Android

Play Remote (Free)

(Image credit: Cetus
Play Global)

The Cetus
Play Remote ứng dụng serves as a Wi
Fi-based universal remote ứng dụng for a variety of set-top boxes & devices, such as android TV & Fire TV. Simply install the remote phầm mềm on your phone & the Cetus
Play receiver phầm mềm in your TV, và it"ll guide you through the rest of the cài đặt process.

You"ll also get a rundown of features from Cetus
Play, which include a variety of control modes, truyền thông Casting from your device, launching TV apps, screenshots, và more. The app is ad-supported, with a $5.99 in-app purchase khổng lồ remove advertising.

Download Cetus

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The advent of giải pháp công nghệ has enabled us unprecedented control over the electronic devices around us. Wi-Fi, Remote access via the mạng internet is all in. This has enabled automation of even entire offices, homes, etc. Though it will take quite some time before we have access khổng lồ such tech, there is always the điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh that outsmarts everyone.

Can I remotely control an game android phone? The app android device we hold is a treasure trove of possibilities, và remote control ứng dụng for game android is the best thing you have lớn automate your devices. Khổng lồ aid this, there are plenty of android remote control apps or tv controller app available. Choose the best one to control your PC, TV, Chromebook, or other smart devices. There are ingenious apps out there that turn your phone into a remote control tiện ích for android phones.


Here are some of the best phone remote control apps you can use to lớn transform your phone into a remote android device. Learn lớn know which is the best phầm mềm for remote control now.

10 Best Remote Control Apps for Android

How can I use my phone as a remote control? You might be wondering when you are in a hurry lớn leave trang chủ and won"t have enough time lớn turn off your PC, TV, and other systems. Do you want lớn keep a tab on what your kids are watching? With the android remote control app, you can control remotely what happens to lớn your smartphone, TV, và PC. With the help of the various app android remote control phầm mềm listed below, you can turn your phone into a remote control apk phone, and you can be at ease & control all your devices with your app android smartphone.

1. Fami
Safe Remote Control app

Safe is an tiện ích that can turn your phone into a remote control app for mobile & PC devices. Parents can control kids" apk or i
OS devices remotely from their own devices. It has an amazing mix of features that let you control, monitor, & set a timer on kids" app android phones, truyền thông centers, etc. This versatile phầm mềm can control and keep track of what your kids are watching, how long the device is working, và block apps and channels you don"t want your family khổng lồ be exposed to.



Track real-time location & location history
Set Screen timer và Smart Screen schedule
Block certain apps & kiểm tra app usage
Monitor social truyền thông media risky texts remotely
Browser History check & web Filter (even in incognito mode)

Supported Devices: Android, i
OS, Kindle Fire, Windows, Mac

Web Filter và Safe
Screen Time Limit và Schedule
Location Tracking và Driving Report
App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
Tube History Monitor & đoạn phim Blocker
Social truyền thông Texts & Porn Images Alerts *Works on Mac, Windows, Android, i
OS, Kindle Fire

2. Game android TV Remote

This phầm mềm can turn your android phone into a generic remote control game android device. This tiện ích provides the basic interface required to control your TV. You can connect your game android device lớn the TV via bluetooth or a local network.


Universal remote for the TVD-pad, touchpad, & gamepad controls
Voice control, keyboard input

Price: Free

Supported Devices: All apk Devices


3. Peel Smart Remote

This app makes a great replacement for a remote. Peel Smart Remote, apart from being a universal remote which can be used to control your smart devices, Peel Smart Remote also acts as a personalized TV guide.


Universal Remote
Personalized TV guide
Automate AC và Heaters

Supported Devices: apk Devices


4. Anymote Universal Remote

Anymote Universal remote is a great phầm mềm to have if your phone comes with an IR blaster. Anymore Universal remote taps into your IR blaster option to lớn convert your phone into a great android remote control. You can customize your remote to lớn unlock great features with this app.


Control all IR controlled devices
Create custom macroscontrol truyền thông centers using Wi-Fi

Price: $4.99

Supported Devices: app android devices with IR blasters, Regular app android devices enables limited access


5. Mi Remote Controller

This amazing tiện ích by xiaomi mi doesn"t really require a mi phone khổng lồ use it. If you have a regular app android phone, you can easily turn it into a remote control app android phone. All you need is an apk device with a built-in IR blaster. You can control almost every IR-controlled device like TV, AC, DVDs, digital cameras, etc.


Mi Remote full features unlocked with IR blaster enabled phones
Use lớn control mi Box, ngươi TV & Smart
TVs over Wi-Fi
TV Scheduling

Price: Free

Supported Devices: Samsung S4/S5/S6/S6 Edge/Note 3/Note 4, điện thoại htc One Series, mày 4/Mi 4c/Mi 5/Redmi 4/Redmi lưu ý 2/Redmi cảnh báo 3, Huawei Honor 3/6/6 plus


6. Unified Remote

This remote control enables your android device to lớn control your computer. Wi-Fi & Bluetooth can be used khổng lồ control your Windows PC, mac
OS, or Linux computer. This multipurpose ứng dụng is a powerful tool to control your PC in different ways.


Floating remotes
IR actions
NFC remotes
Custom Remotes

Price: Free

Supported Devices: All app android Devices


7. Team Viewer Remote Controller

This universal remote app can be used lớn remotely control other devices, like a computer, smartphone, or tablet, while you are on the go. This versatile phầm mềm gives you control over your computer & other devices which may be unattended. Use this app to control what happens khổng lồ your devices.


Control Windows OS, Linux, mac
OSScreen sharing và remote control of devices
File transfer và chat

Price: Free

Supported Devices: All android Devices


8. Google Home

This Google phầm mềm lets you control your Chromecast, Google Home, and assistant speakers. You can use this ứng dụng to browse your music, TV shows, and movies. You can control your đoạn phim and audio streams" features such as volume, play-pause, etc.


Configure speakers
Configure Chromecast settings
Control audio and video clip streams

Price: Free

Supported Devices: All android Devices


9. Sure Universal Remote

This app combines both the IR features of the older devices and the Wi-Fi features of Smart devices. This comes with Amazon Alexa built into it, and you can control your smart home, Chromecast, Kodi, Roku, and Smart
TV with voice control.


Control truyền thông Centre
Amazon Alexa Voice integration
File transfer with Shared network
Stream truyền thông directly to Smart

Price: Free

Supported Devices: android devices with IR Blaster for full features, Limited features with regular apk devices


10. IR Universal Remote

This app will replace your TV và other IR-controlled remotes for good. With this app, you can control your TV, AC, lights, fan, heaters, etc. This app is easy to configure and comes loaded with features. You can customize it to lớn make your remote.


Easy to lớn configurecreate custom remotes
Setup macros

Price: Free

Supported Devices: android Devices with in-built IR Blasters.


FAQ: How lớn remotely control an apk phone from a PC for free?

Usually, it requires rooting when you need khổng lồ control an android phone from a PC remotely. But now, you are just going through USB without rooting to access a PC from an android mobile device.

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You can create an amazing game android remote control using this universal remote app. With these amazing apps listed here, you can create your own network of controlled devices. These apps, with their versatile features, leave you spoilt for choice. You can easily convert your android phone into a remote control android phone or tv controller app.